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Tactics Adjusters Employ to Avoid Compensation Payouts


Receiving fair compensation is an important part of recovery from an accident, and people often need financial recovery to cope with medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and other losses. While this is well understood, there are situations where insurance adjusters try to minimize payouts. After all, they are trained and employed to protect company resources as well as review accident injury conditions.

To protect your rights, connect with a New Orleans personal injury lawyer who is familiar with tactics that are used to avoid compensation payouts or reduce settlement amounts.

Quick Settlements and Lowballing Costs

There are a few different reasons why quick settlements may be preferred by insurance adjusters. For one, offering a quick settlement could be done because the adjuster is hoping that you’ll accept a lowball offer before realizing the full extent of your injuries and related costs, which will save the company money. Additionally, a rapid resolution will reduce staffing hours for a company that does not want to continue to have billable hours connected to a claim.

While there are deadlines that need to be adhered to, you do not have to rush into an agreement. Early offers may be insufficient to cover your long-term medical expenses and may not consider future complications. Also, you shouldn’t take an adjuster’s determination as the final say in the matter, because adjusters may try to shift blame.

It is also possible an offer that is rushed will include adjuster assessments that downplay the severity of your injuries, such as suggesting that certain treatments were unnecessary or that your medical bills are unreasonable. Your claim could be undervalued if an adjuster lowballs accident-related expenses.

Delay Tactics and Talking to an Attorney

Fast offers aren’t the only tactics used by insurance company employees. In fact, the opposite, delays, can also be employed to minimize compensation amounts as well. When injured individuals face immediate financial pressures, delays in claim processing can lead to a person settling for a lower settlement because they are in need of financial relief.

With so many different approaches to reducing or blocking a claim, it can be difficult for an individual who is not familiar with personal injury law to face a problematic insurance adjuster, but injury lawyers have experience dealing with adjusters and know the tactics they use. They can level the playing field and negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement.

Lawyers understand the true value of injury claims, so they will fight for a full offer and push back on insurance adjusters who may be working hard to reduce a payout number. Reach out to a qualified New Orleans personal injury lawyer to secure the compensation you need to move forward.

Has an early-process offer led you to wonder if an adjuster’s offer is too low? If you need financial support after sustaining an accident injury in New Orleans, Metairie or Gretna, a Louisiana injury lawyer can provide you with the legal expertise and advocacy you need. Discuss your case with the legal team at Palazzo Law Firm. Call 504-433-1442 for a fee-free consultation.

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