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New Orleans Criminal Appeal Lawyer

If you have been convicted of a crime and feel the conviction was made in error, you may be able to appeal. A criminal appeal is a process by which a defendant seeks to overturn their conviction due to a legal error, such as not following a law or unlawfully obtaining evidence.

Appellate cases are different in that they are argued before a panel of judges, not a jury. They  focus on the legal details of the case, which means that an appellate attorney must have an extensive knowledge of criminal law and how evidence is admitted and collected.

However, a post-conviction win is not the same thing as an acquittal. Winning an appeal means you are granted the right to a new trial or a reduced sentence. Post-conviction appeals cases require carefully reviewing the facts and circumstances of a case as well as possessing an intricate knowledge of law.

If you’ve received a guilty verdict in Louisiana, you have legal options to fight for your freedom or reduce your sentence. Working with post-conviction matters can be time-sensitive, though. You have just two years to file an appeal, so contact the New Orleans criminal appeal lawyer at Palazzo Law Firm today.

Reasons to Appeal a Conviction

There are several reasons to can appeal a conviction, such as:

  • False arrest. If a police officer has no warrant or probable cause, then they cannot arrest you.
  • Improper admission of evidence. The judge decides what pieces of evidence the attorneys are allowed and not allowed to present to the jury. But sometimes they make mistakes and get it wrong when it comes to admission and exclusion of evidence.
  • Ineffective legal counsel. You can prove that your lawyer was ineffective if the attorney’s representation fell below an objective standard of reasonableness under professional norms, and the attorney’s failure to act competently resulted in actual prejudice.
  • Misconduct by the jury or prosecutor. Sometimes the prosecutor and jury behave badly. The prosecutor can be accused of misconduct by purposely misstating the law or evidence or appealing to the jury’s prejudices. Some examples of jury misconduct are refusing to deliberate and refusing to conduct a factual investigation.
  • Sentencing errors. Before a judge can punish a defendant, they must comply with the rules that govern sentencing hearings. This may mean that the judge must clearly state their reason for choosing a particular sentence. Otherwise, it could be an illegal sentence, which is a reason to appeal.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

If you’re not happy with your verdict, you may be able to appeal and get a new trial or a reversal. However, you need someone who understands the complicated process. Get the help you need from Palazzo Law Firm. Our New Orleans criminal appeal lawyer possesses great attention to detail and can ensure that the case is examined from every angle. Fill out the online form or call 504-433-1442 to schedule a consultation.

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