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New Orleans Birth Injury Lawyer

Serious birth injuries occur in about one and one-half percent of births in America. That means 60,000 serious birth injuries out of the four million births in the U.S. every year. A normal delivery is stressful enough without the onset of complications, which can turn an already apprehensive experience into a nightmare. When a complicated delivery results in an injury to the child, parents are rightfully devastated. When hospital negligence or other preventable medical mistakes are to blame, the injury is truly heartbreaking.

A birth injury typically doubles the cost of a delivery and may additionally lead to a lifetime of medical expenses for therapy and care. Although significant, these direct financial costs pale in comparison to the emotional pain and stress of caring for a child with physical or cognitive challenges due to a birth injury, or the loss in quality of life which has been brought on by the negligence or incompetence of a doctor, hospital or nurse. The experienced New Orleans birth injury lawyers at the Palazzo Law Firm understand what parents and their children go through following a birth injury. We take on the toughest cases and fight hard for the best medical care and maximum compensation available to help parents, children and families, and to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for their inexcusable mistakes. Call the Palazzo Law Firm in Gretna for immediate assistance after a birth injury anywhere in the greater New Orleans area.

Why do birth injuries happen?

Complicated births are not uncommon, and many things can go wrong during pregnancy, labor or delivery that result in birth injuries to the child. This fact in no way excuses birth injuries that occur because doctors, nurses or hospitals fall below the acceptable standard of care during any stage of pregnancy or birth. In fact, doctors and other hospital staff should be well aware of the risk of complications and prepared to take the necessary steps to deal with any complicating condition. Nevertheless, a great number of birth injuries can be attributed to negligence on the part of the hospital and medical personnel responsible. Medical malpractice birth injuries occur for the following reasons, among others:

  • Lack of communication or miscommunication among medical staff
  • Administering the wrong medication due to a misunderstanding of the condition or diagnosis
  • Failing to monitor fetal distress or communicate the status of the mother or the fetus to the doctor
  • Unreasonable delay in calling in the doctor or a surgeon to perform the delivery, whether vaginal or c-section

Types of Birth Injuries

There are many types of injuries a baby can suffer during the birthing process, including:

  • Bruising and forceps marks. These are often caused by the use of forceps or vacuum extractors during delivery. They may appear as bruises or marks on the baby’s head or face. While they can be hard to look at, these injuries tend to be minor and heal quickly.
  • Caput succedaneum. This is a swelling of the baby’s scalp that can occur during a vaginal delivery, particularly if it is a long or difficult delivery. The swelling should go away over time.
  • This refers to a collection of blood under the baby’s scalp that occurs when the blood vessels in the skull are ruptured during delivery.
  • Fractures can occur in the arms and shoulders during delivery, particularly if it is a difficult delivery.
  • Cerebral palsy. This is a neurological disorder that can result from brain damage during birth. Cerebral palsy can cause problems with movement, coordination, and muscle tone.
  • Brachial plexus injuries. These injuries can occur when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck during delivery. Brachial plexus injuries refer to injuries to the nerves that control the movement and sensation in the arms and hands.
  • Erb’s palsy. This is a type of brachial plexus injury that affects the upper arm, causing weakness or paralysis.
  • Klumpke’s palsy. This is another type of brachial plexus injury that affects the lower arm and hand, causing weakness or paralysis.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Damage to the spinal cord can occur during delivery, leading to problems with sensation, movement, or other bodily functions.

Negligence and malpractice cause a wide range of birth injuries

Among the most common causes and types of birth injuries due to negligence or malpractice by the doctor or hospital are:

  • Trauma to the head during delivery which damages the brain and nervous system, resulting in developmental delays or permanent debilitating conditions like cerebral palsy
  • Improper or unnecessary use of forceps or vacuum extraction, causing facial paralysis, Erb’s palsy, bruising, lacerations, or brachial plexus injuries
  • Failure to promptly diagnose an issue with the delivery requiring special attention, such as a breech position, fetal distress, maternal distress, or a large baby
  • Delay in delivery or performing a c-section which causes oxygen deprivation, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), brain damage or death
  • Improper administration of labor-inducing drugs or other medications or treatments
  • Using improper techniques for resuscitation
  • Failure to prevent a premature birth
  • Failure to treat eclampsia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or other conditions of pregnancy

Serious birth injuries require the knowledge and skill of experienced trial attorneys

Birth injuries, like other forms of medical malpractice, can be difficult to understand and prove that a medical professional was at fault. Every negative outcome is not due to malpractice, and doctors and hospitals seize on this fact to explain away a birth injury as the result of conditions beyond their control. This may be so, but you are not obliged to take their word for it. At the Palazzo Law Firm, our aggressive and successful New Orleans medical malpractice attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the birth injury, determine fault, and hold responsible parties accountable for the harm they have caused. We’ve helped a number of people in situations like yours get the care and compensation they need to deal with a serious injury, and we’ll give everything we’ve got to help you too.

New Orleans Birth Injury Attorneys Here to Serve You

An injury can happen during labor and delivery, affecting a baby and the mother. While some injuries are minor and heal quickly, others can be severe and long-lasting. Some are even fatal.

The team at Palazzo Law Firm can help you with your birth injury. Our New Orleans birth injury lawyer can help you get full and fair compensation for you or your baby’s injuries and other damages. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling 504-433-1442.

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