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New Orleans Prescription Drug Crime Lawyer

When you think of drug crimes, you probably think of illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Prescription drugs probably don’t come to mind, but people get in trouble with them all the time. If you have a prescription for a drug, then you shouldn’t have to worry. However, if you have engaged in fraud or have prescription drugs in your possession illegally, then you could face criminal charges. Lawmakers are trying to cut down on these drugs because a lot of people are overdosing on them. People die every day from prescription drug abuse. If you have been accused of illegal prescriptions, seek legal help from Palazzo Law Firm. Our New Orleans prescription drug crime lawyer will work aggressively to help you avoid serious charges.

Schedules of Controlled Substances

There are five schedules of controlled substances:

  1. Schedule I. Schedule I substances have a high potential for abuse and have no accepted medical uses. Marijuana, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy fall under this category.
  2. Schedule II. Schedule II substances have a high potential for abuse and some accepted medical uses. They include vicodin, cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, oxycontin, percocet, morphine, opium, codeine, methadone, dilaudid, and demerol.
  3. Schedule III. Schedule III substances have medium potential for abuse and include prescriptions such as Tylenol with codeine, nalorphine, ketamine, anabolic steroids, testosterone, benzphetamine, and amobarbital.
  4. Schedule IV. Schedule IV substances have a limited potential for abuse. They include Xanax, Valium, Soma, Darvon, Darvocet, Ativan, Ambien, and Tramadol.
  5. Schedule V. Schedule V substances have the least potential for abuse and include Robitussin AC, Phenergan with codeine, Lyrica, and other over the counter medicines.

Prescription Drug Crimes

There are several ways in which you can be charged with a prescription drug crime:

  • Lying to get a prescription. Concealment of a material fact, or lying to get a drug, is illegal. For example, telling the doctor you are in pain when you’re really not is considered lying.
  • False prescriptions. This refers to forgery. If someone got a hold of a prescription pad and wrote the prescription themselves, this is illegal. So is altering a prescription, such as changing the drug name or quantity.
  • False identification. Using a false ID or using someone else’s name or license to obtain drugs is illegal. So is giving different names to different doctors to get multiple prescriptions.
  • Impersonating a medical professional. A person who is acting like a doctor or other medical professional and selling prescriptions to people who need medicine can face fraud charges.
  • Once the drugs have changed hands, the person carrying those drugs can face criminal charges. If you are found with prescriptions that do not belong to you, you could be charged with illegal possession.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

Even possession of prescription drugs can be illegal in some cases. It’s important to understand the laws in Louisiana and get legal help when necessary. The team at Palazzo Law Firm understands that there is a lot at stake. You could face felony charges. Get a solid defense from a New Orleans prescription drug crime lawyer today. Call 504-433-1442 or fill out the online form.

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