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New Orleans Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Holding Doctors Accountable For Negligence

At Palazzo Law Firm, our New Orleans medical malpractice lawyers fight to hold doctors, nurses and other medical professionals accountable for:

With these cases, we want to send a clear message to the medical industry that negligence will not be tolerated. We want to get you fair compensation for the harm you have suffered because of a medical professional’s negligence. This is no simple task.

The Medical Malpractice Claim Process

The process begins by bringing the case in front of a medical review panel. This is a panel made up of doctors that will decide if the claim is valid. The reality is that most medical malpractice cases are shut down at this stage. Our personal injury attorneys do not take this part of the process lightly. We come in thoroughly prepared with all the necessary facts, ready to ask questions and push back. When we take a case, it means we believe in it and are ready to work hard. We have earned an impressive record of having cases approved at this stage.

The work we do in preparation for the medical review panel then forms the building blocks of our medical malpractice case, which we will pursue to the highest level. These tend to be highly contested cases, and we build them with trial in mind. We are ready to argue in front of a judge and jury on your behalf and fight for the money you deserve.

From our law office in Gretna, we represent victims of medical malpractice in the New Orleans metropolitan area, and throughout the Gulf South region of Louisiana.

Negligence And A Bad Result Are Two Different Things

One of the reasons why medical malpractice claims are so challenging, and why so many of them come to an end in the review panel, is because a bad result is a distinct possibility in most medical procedures, even if everything is done correctly. In other words, just because someone was hurt does not automatically mean a medical professional was negligent.

In order to succeed in these cases, we must prove that the doctor or another medical professional acted negligently and that negligence resulted in harm to the patient. This often requires working with one or more experts in various fields of medicine. Not only does it require gathering every fact and examining it under the microscope of the medical field’s standard of care, it means being able to present those facts in court in a way that a jury can understand. We have proven our ability to do this over the course of 20-plus years.

Free Consultation About Your Medical Malpractice Claim

Call 504-433-1442 or email us. We handle all medical malpractice claims on a contingency basis. That means you will not be required to pay attorney’s fees unless we are successful in getting you compensation. Let us get started on your case today.

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