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Risk of Harm in Understaffed Care Facilities


In Louisiana, as in many other places, people often rely on care facilities to meet the needs of family members and friends that require more assistance and support than can be provided at home. When nursing homes and long-term facilities are run well, they provide quality care to residents, but the risk of harm significantly increases when a care facility is not adequately staffed.

If you want to learn more about the perils of understaffed care centers or suspect someone you love was injured because they received adequate care, have a conversation with a skilled New Orleans personal injury lawyer.

Types of Care Facilities 

Understaffed care facilities is a pervasive issue that can have serious consequences for residents. This is true for vulnerable residents in a range of communities, including the following.

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Memory care center
  • Rehabilitation environments
  • Hospice care centers

When a facility lacks an adequate number of qualified staff members, it jeopardizes the well-being of residents at the center. Residents may not receive the attention, medical care, and assistance they require, leading to a range of potential harms, including neglect, injuries, and compromised health.

It is possible for poorly staffed facilities to struggle with meeting the basic needs of residents. As a result, residents of a facility may experience neglect, such as the essential tasks of bathing, feeding, and administering medication being delayed or overlooked. Medication administration issues can also arise, increasing the likelihood of errors in dosage or timing.

Beyond essential daily tasks and prescription needs, inadequate supervision and assistance in a center can contribute to an elevated risk of falls among residents, especially those with mobility issues. Fractures, head injuries, and a decline in overall health can be an unfortunate outcome when vulnerable individuals fall.

Social Isolation and Legal Support

Insufficient staff can limit residents’ social interactions and engagement in activities as well, leading to emotional distress and feelings of isolation. While the situation may feel overwhelming, there are steps a family can take when they feel staffing issues resulted in poor elder care or neglect.

First, attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances and begin gathering evidence of negligence and substandard care. When it is clear the case has merit, a New Orleans personal injury lawyer will engage in negotiations with the facility’s representatives or pursue litigation, if necessary, to seek compensation for the harmed resident.

You don’t have to fight for justice on your own, compassionate attorneys are available. Injury lawyers work hard to protect the rights of their clients. To move forward with confidence, have a legal expert advocate for you.

Is it time for you to hold a care center responsible for harm sustained by a loved one due to poor facility staffing levels? The attorneys at Palazzo Law Firm are dedicated to elder care issues, they work diligently to ensure a fair outcome is reached. Your case could even contribute to the improvement of care standards for others within New Orleans, Metairie, and Gretna care facilities. Call 504-433-1442 for a fee-free consultation.

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