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New Orleans Railroad Accident Lawyer

Trains have the important job of transporting freight and passengers. While trains are necessary, they are also dangerous. Many people disregard railroad crossing signals and warnings, causing them to be victims of train accidents.

Train accidents are often catastrophic, as trains often travel at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. A person or vehicle hit at such a high rate of speed will sustain serious injuries or damage. The force of a train crash can also seriously injure bystanders. Unfortunately, Louisiana is one of the top states in the country for railroad accidents.

After a railroad accident in New Orleans, you need to act quickly. Train companies and their representatives will usually move fast to reduce liability for the company. You will need to work with an attorney to fight for your fair compensation. That’s where Palazzo Law Firm comes in.

Our New Orleans railroad accident lawyer will assess your case and help you recover compensation for all your damages.

Types of Railroad Accidents

There are several types of railroad accidents:

  • Commuter train accidents. Passengers can be injured when an accident occurs while on board a train or on the train platform or surrounding property.
  • Railway/car accidents. These accidents often occur at railway crossings and involve cars driving across a train track when they shouldn’t be. Trains are much larger than passenger vehicles, so the occupants of the passenger vehicle suffer catastrophic injuries or fatalities.
  • Trains can collide with pedestrians, obstructions on the tracks, or other train cars. The resulting injuries can be severe or fatal.
  • It can be scary when trains leave the tracks. When this happens, they often flip onto their sides, causing devastating damage as well as fatal injuries to those on board.

Causes of Railroad Accidents

Railroad accidents can be caused by the following:

  • Obstruction on the tracks. A hazard on the rails can cause a serious accident.
  • Train operators often work long hours. This can lead to a lack of alertness, resulting in a crash.
  • Signal errors. A signal that is not working properly can lead to a crash with a passenger vehicle.
  • Drivers crossing railroad crossings at the wrong time. Signals are in place for a reason. When drivers go around them in an attempt to beat the train, they often lose.
  • Children playing on railroad tracks. Children and people in general should not be loitering or playing around railroad tracks, as a train could approach at any time.
  • Mechanical failures. A train that is not properly maintained can suffer from malfunctions that can lead to a crash.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

Railroad accidents can happen in various ways and cause a wide range of injuries. It’s important to get justice and compensation for your damages. The team at Palazzo Law Firm can assist you during this emotional time and help you with physical and financial recovery. Make an appointment with a New Orleans railroad accident lawyer today. Fill out the online form or call 504-433-1442.

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