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Metairie Federal Crime Lawyer

When a person violates federal law, it is classified as a federal criminal offense. A crime can be classified as a federal offense for many reasons. For example, when a drug offense case involves large quantities of a controlled substance, it could constitute a federal crime. Criminal offenses that cross state lines or that are investigated by a federal agency are also considered federal crimes. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, being charged with a federal offense is a very serious matter. Our Metairie federal crime lawyer can successfully defend against them so you have the best chance of retaining your freedom.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is defined as a person, company, or other entity gaining access to funds contained with a bank or other financial institution by means of fraud or false means. Due to the fact that many banks are members of the Federal Reserve System, bank robbery is also usually classified as a felony offense.

Federal Drug Offenses

While state law outlines many drug offenses, there are multiple reasons a crime could be classified as a federal offense. These include a large quantity of drugs being involved in a case, a crime that crossed state lines or used wire transmissions such as the Internet, or defendants who have a significant number of previous convictions.


Embezzlement occurs when someone has a fiduciary duty to appropriate funds to certain legitimate places but instead, they use them for their own benefit. For example, a corporate officer may have a duty to place corporate profits into a business bank account but instead, they place it into their own personal account. The penalties for embezzlement are always harsh, but they increase when the defendant is a bank employee, bank officer, or bank director.

Child Pornography

Child pornography charges generally involve the manufacturing or distribution of pornographic images that depict minor children. While all states outline their own child pornography charges, these offenses are often charged at the federal level. This is particularly true today, as child pornography offenses often involve the use of the Internet. Criminal offenses that involve wire transmissions are always charged as federal crimes.

Tax Fraud

Also commonly referred to as tax evasion, tax fraud is defined as making misrepresentations or false statements on federal tax returns in order to lower the amount of taxes a person, company, or entity is liable for paying. Tax fraud is charged as a federal felony offense when a person overtly and obviously acts to avoid paying the full taxes they are responsible for paying. Still, even a small mistake, such as forgetting to file a tax return, can result in misdemeanor charges.

Call Our Federal Crime Lawyer in Metairie Today

Federal charges are some of the most serious a person could face. If you have been charged, our Metairie federal crime lawyer at Palazzo Law Firm can prepare the strong defense you need so your future is protected. Call us now at 504-433-1442 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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