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Metairie Bus Accident Lawyer

While car accidents may be more common in Louisiana, bus accidents happen more often than you might realize. Indeed, every year several hundred people throughout the state are injured in bus crashes. Some of these victims even died as a result of their injuries.

When a bus accident occurs, a number of parties may be legally responsible for compensating the victims. A qualified Metairie bus accident lawyer can assist you with investigating the circumstances surrounding your crash and advise you on taking appropriate legal action. At Palazzo Law Firm, we represent bus accident victims in negotiating settlements with insurance companies, local governments, and other parties whose negligence contributed to a crash. And when necessary, we will also represent you in taking your case to court.

What Laws Affect My Compensation Following a Bus Accident?

As a general rule, a company is legally responsible for any accidents caused by an employee while doing their job. So if a bus driver’s negligence leads to an accident, the entity that employs that driver is liable for any injuries suffered by passengers or other victims, such as a pedestrian hit by a bus. And if another driver hits a bus and injures its passengers, that driver can be held liable for their actions.

One thing to keep in mind about bus accidents, however, is that many of these vehicles are operated by state or municipal agencies. This can make a critical difference when it comes to seeking compensation. There are special rules that apply to personal injury claims against government entities that differ from cases involving private bus operators. This is just one reason it is critical to work with an experienced bus accident lawyer who knows the law in this area.

Louisiana also has a one-year statute of limitations that apply to most civil lawsuits against private parties. This is not as much time as it sounds. Bus accidents often require a more extensive investigation into the causes before a claim is ready for potential litigation. You also need to account for time to negotiate a possible insurance settlement following a bus accident. Keep in mind, most personal injury cases, including those arising from bus accidents, never go to trial. It is far more common for the parties to reach a settlement.

At the same time, bus accident victims should never feel pressured to accept an initial settlement offer that is far below the full amount of their damages. In a bus accident claim, you can seek a variety of economic and non-economic damages under Louisiana law. These damages include:

  • past, present, and future medical bills;
  • lost wages due to time missed from your job;
  • diminished future earning capacity due to long-term injuries;
  • damage to property, such as your car;
  • pain and suffering; and
  • if a victim died in the bus accident, their funeral and burial costs and their family’s loss of income, services, and companionship.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

A bus accident is often far more serious than a regular motor vehicle accident, both in terms of the number of victims and the severity of their injuries. Do not let your case get lost in the shuffle. If you need to speak with a skilled Metairie bus accident lawyer, contact Palazzo Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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