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Gretna FELA Lawyer

Railroads are found in Louisiana and other states so that trains can get from place to place. While there are trains today in the 21st century, much of the equipment is outdated. It is broken and poorly maintained, making it hard for railroad workers to do their job.

Railroad workers do a lot of heavy lifting, whether with their bodies or large equipment, such as cranes. As such, injuries are common. Fortunately, railroad workers have some protection under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA). Congress enacted this benefit so that injured employees can recover monetary damages for injuries they suffer due to the negligence of a railroad carrier, its agents, servants, or employees.

If you are a railroad worker who has been injured on the job, make sure you understand what rights you have to compensation. The Gretna FELA lawyer at Palazzo Law Firm can guide you through the process.

Why is the Railroad So Dangerous?

The railroad can be dangerous in many ways. Many times, railroad workers do not have the proper equipment to do their job. In some cases, they will even make their own tools, which could cause injury. Improper training and insufficient help are common, so workers are getting injured doing tasks on their own.

Most of the harm that railroad workers suffer are traumatic injuries. These injuries can be anything from back injuries to traumatic brain injuries. Workers suffer shoulder injuries as well. Tools like brake sticks cause broken bones and ruptured discs in the back, some of the common injuries that make railroad work dangerous.

Dangers of Developing Lung Cancer on the Railroad

One of the most dangerous parts of working on the railroad are the illnesses and conditions that these workers can suffer from exposures at work. Cancer is also common among railroad workers as they have been exposed to all kinds of chemicals. They have also been exposed to asbestos, diesel exhaust fumes, and different types of cleaners which are all different cancer-causing substances

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Whether you’re a railroad engineer, train conductor, signalman, train man, clerical worker, or other worker for a railroad, you’re covered under FELA.

Palazzo Law Firm can help you understand what your claim is worth. Get started with a free consultation. Fill out the online form or call 504-433-1442 to contact our Gretna FELA lawyer.

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