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Gretna Domestic Violence Lawyer

Nobody wants to get injured by the one they love, but unfortunately, it happens. This is called domestic violence and it happens often in romantic relationships. These cases are looked at negatively by society, so when a person is accused of domestic violence, it can be hard for a lawyer to defend their case.

Because of this, you need the best lawyer around to defend you from the charges you face. This is where Palazzo Law Firm comes in. Regardless of the seriousness of the crime, Palazzo Law Firm can help. We’ll look at the evidence and find ways to get your charges and penalties reduced. See how our experienced Gretna domestic violence lawyer can help you.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Under Louisiana law, domestic abuse is defined as one household member using force or violence against another household member. So to understand the law, it’s helpful to know what constitutes a household member. A household member is defined as:

  • Any person of the opposite sex living with the defendant as if they are spouses, regardless of whether or not they are actually married
  • Any person of the opposite sex who resided with the defendant and lived with them as if they were spouses within five years of the domestic abuse, regardless of whether or not they were actually married
  • Any child who currently lives with the defendant or has lived with the defendant anytime within the five years preceding the domestic abuse
  • Any child of the defendant, whether or not the child lives in the same home

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges should be considered a very serious issue because they can lead to serious consequences, such as jail time, hefty fines, eviction from the home, and loss of constitutional rights. The victim may also file for a protective order against the offender. Also, domestic violence is an enhanceable offense, so the person will face stricter sentences with each additional conviction. These offenses are not eligible for expungement under Louisiana law, so they will stay on a person’s criminal record forever.

A person convicted of domestic abuse faces up to six months in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. If a person performs community service and participates in a domestic abuse prevention program, then they may be able to avoid jail. If the offense involves strangulation, the penalties may include up to three years in prison.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

Domestic violence is a serious issue. You could face criminal charges and penalties such as fines and jail time. To reduce these charges and penalties, you need the right defense on your side. Count on the team at Palazzo Law Firm to help you with your case. We’ll assess your case and do our best to defend you from the charges you face. Schedule a consultation with an experienced Gretna domestic violence lawyer today by filling out the online form or calling 504-433-1442.

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