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Gretna Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are seen as man’s best friend — that is, until they bite someone. Many dogs are friendly, but something can suddenly make them aggressive and bite a person — even their owner or someone in the family that they know well.

Dog bites can be serious, especially for children and the elderly. A dog bite can break the skin and cause deep lacerations, scarring, disfigurement, broken bones, tissue damage, infections, and other injuries. If you were bitten by a dog in Louisiana, you need to prove negligence. Seek legal help from a Gretna dog bite lawyer from Palazzo Law Firm. We’ll work hard to get you full and fair compensation.

Louisiana Dog Bite Laws

Most states operate under strict liability, meaning that dog owners are automatically liable for any injuries if their dog bites someone. Louisiana is different in that the victim needs to prove negligence in order to recover compensation for any injuries. This can be tricky, since the dog owner is not deemed responsible for their dog’s behavior unless you have evidence.

There are four elements of negligence:

  1. The dog owner owed a duty of care.
  2. The dog owner breached that duty of care.
  3. You suffered an injury.
  4. The dog’s behavior (bite) directly led to your injury.

The second point — breaching the duty of care — can mean any of the following:

  • The dog owner had actual knowledge of the dog’s danger.
  • The dog owner did not do anything to prevent the bite.
  • You were bitten by the dog.
  • You did not do anything to provoke the dog.

If the owner took all the proper precautions, and still did not know about the dog’s dangerous tendencies, then it could be hard for you to recover compensation. That’s why you need strong evidence. Some examples of negligence on behalf of the dog owner include:

  • Walking the dog in public without a leash
  • Having a dog in public even though it has a history of attacking people
  • Not fencing a dog in on their own property
  • Not posting a “beware of the dog” sign when a dog is known to be dangerous

It’s also important to gather proof of what happened. Some important evidence may include:

  • Witness testimony from bystanders
  • Photographs from the scene
  • Physical evidence from the scene of the attack
  • The police report of the dog attack

It can be easier to prove negligence if you were bitten by a breed of dangerous dog such as pit bulls, bulldogs, rottweilers, and German shepherds.

Contact Palazzo Law Firm Today

Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year. If you or a family member has been a victim, be sure to seek prompt medical attention. You may also want to get a lawyer on your side. Palazzo Law Firm can assist you with your case. Contact an experienced Gretna dog bite lawyer today. Fill out the online form or call 504-433-1442 to schedule a consultation.

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