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Living with a traumatic brain injury

Each year, numerous Louisiana residents are involved in accidents of various types. Many of them suffer a traumatic brain injury, which could leave them with lifelong challenges. Some victims may require medical and additional care for the rest of their lives, and others may not be able to continue to work.

Watch for the signs of a potentially deadly brain injury

During a Louisiana car accident, an occupant of the vehicle suffers a blow to the head. The accident victim feels fine at the scene, but once at home, it may become clear that something is seriously wrong. It is important to watch for certain signs that a simple bump on the head could actually be a serious, and possibly deadly, brain injury.

What does it mean to suffer a traumatic brain injury in a crash?

Car accidents on Louisiana's roadways result in a variety of serious injuries that have significant impact on the victims' lives. One of the injuries that could significantly alter the way a victim lives is a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the full extent of the damage may not be known for days or even weeks into the recovery process.

Did you suffer a mild traumatic brain injury?

Insurance companies here in Louisiana and elsewhere are in business to make money -- plain and simple. Because of this, they often attempt to deny claims or offer settlements that are far less than certain claims might be worth. This can be especially true when for those suffer a mild traumatic brain injury since providing the proof an insurer might request could be problematic.

How caregiver perceptions change after a brain injury

A brain injury, especially to a child, is something that impacts the entire family. Naturally, at the beginning, caregivers often feel quite optimistic. What has happened is terrible, but they still think a full recovery is on the horizon. In this, known as the first stage, experts say that caregivers often perceive the child as someone who is only a little difficult. This is true for the first three months.


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