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September 2017 Archives

Fatal auto accidents often affect entire communities

Close-knit communities here in Louisiana often face tragedies together. This includes when fatal auto accidents occur. The members of a community mourn with the families who lose loved ones and provide them with whatever support they may need during this difficult time.

Facing charges for felonies? Know your Fifth Amendment rights

The U.S. Constitution provides Louisiana residents with certain protections when coming into contact with the criminal justice system. If you have ever watched a crime television show or movie, you probably have heard about the Miranda Rights. One of those rights includes the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution that allows you to remain silent when facing charges for felonies.

Facts about record expungement in Louisiana

If you have been convicted of a crime in Louisiana, it will remain on your criminal record for life. However, there is an option you can use to get it removed. This is called expungement. It enables you to have your records sealed so they cannot be accessed by the public, which would include most employers and landlords.

Does wearing a seatbelt make a difference in some auto accidents?

Louisiana drivers and their passengers should always wear a seat belt. However, the outcome may be the same in some auto accidents regardless. In those crashes, the force of the impact may have more to do with the serious or deadly injuries suffered by the occupants of a vehicle than anything else (such as in a semitrailer versus passenger vehicle accident).

Auto accidents can occur even before leaving the driveway

When Louisiana residents hear about crashes that took place as someone pulled out of a residential driveway, they may not automatically think that someone in another vehicle died. They may wonder if a child was injured or killed or if it was a fender bender that created more of an inconvenience than anything else. However, several auto accidents that occur when exiting a residential driveway do result in serious injuries or deaths.

Other people's impatience can cause unnecessary auto accidents

Many Louisiana drivers can empathize with being stuck behind a slower vehicle on a two-lane road. A driver may impatiently wait for an opportunity to pass the slower moving vehicle, but if that driver misjudges distance or fails to wait until he or she is certain the roadway is clear, the result could be a devastating crash. These types of auto accidents happen more often than anyone would like, sadly.

Family awarded $40M in medical malpractice case

Like emergency rooms across the country, those here in Louisiana are busy places. This means that the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel often have limited time with patients and many duties to attend to all at the same time. Having said that, their first responsibility is always to the patient, and when they fail to meet the appropriate standard of care, and a death occurs, a medical malpractice claim could result.

2 ways you can hurt your criminal case

When facing criminal charges in Louisiana, one thing you need to remember is that your actions and words matter. The prosecution is gathering evidence against you. You do not want to provide them with anything they could use to question your credibility, character or innocence. It is important for you to be mindful of your actions and behaviors so you can avoid complications in your criminal case that can make it harder for you to get a fair trial and outcome. 

Will a friendly relationship end with a wrongful death claim?

As summer officially winds down, many people are out on Louisiana's waterways getting in some last-minute fun before the school year starts. This may have been the case with some people who were recently boating here in the state. What started out as a day on the water suddenly became a tragedy, and the family of an 8-year-old boy may exercise their right to file a wrongful death claim against someone they may have previously called a friend.


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