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July 2017 Archives

The fallout from auto accidents can be felt by more than family

Most Louisiana residents have at least some interaction with people other than their family members. They have friends, colleagues and others in the community to whom they are important. When they lose their lives in auto accidents, more than just their families often feel the loss.

Watch for the signs of a potentially deadly brain injury

During a Louisiana car accident, an occupant of the vehicle suffers a blow to the head. The accident victim feels fine at the scene, but once at home, it may become clear that something is seriously wrong. It is important to watch for certain signs that a simple bump on the head could actually be a serious, and possibly deadly, brain injury.

Traffic control devices are there to prevent auto accidents

Most drivers here in Louisiana and elsewhere know that a fundamental rule of driving is to obey traffic control devices such as stoplights and stop signs. These devices are designed to prevent auto accidents by controlling the flow of traffic at intersections. When a driver fails to adhere to this basic rule, the results can be disastrous.

Will your medical malpractice claim make it past the panel?

When you went to see your doctor or were admitted to a Louisiana hospital, you expected to leave in better shape or at least with a treatment plan that will promote your healing. However, something went wrong, and now your condition is worse, or you suffered a new injury or illness due to a medical mistake. You want to file a medical malpractice claim, but first, it must make it through the review panel.

Independence Day: A reminder that drunk driving is dangerous

Independence Day means many Louisiana residents attend holiday parties, enjoy fireworks and maybe even a few drinks. During holidays, law enforcement officials are ordinarily out in force looking for drivers who may have partied just a little too hard. Drunk driving is dangerous, and it can also be costly to someone's personal and professional lives.

Rear-end crash makes 18 deadly auto accidents in Louisiana parish

So far this year, 18 people have lost their lives in deadly crashes in one Louisiana parish. This may not seem like a lot considering the number of auto accidents that take place, but for the families of those 18 victims, even one death is too much. Number 18 occurred at the end of June on U.S. Highway 165.


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