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The dangers of accidents with semi trucks

While all traffic accidents can be serious and cause physical harm, the consequences are far worse when there is a large difference in size between the motor vehicles involved. One of the most dangerous crash combinations is a semi truck and passenger car.

Tractor trailers come with a high risk of accident due to so many unique variables, such as how much sleep the driver gets, what the weather conditions are and how often the truck undergoes maintenance. Crashes with semis result in the following lasting damages.

Traumatic brain injuries

The CDC reports that the third most common cause of traumatic brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents. However, for those between 15 and 44 years of age, vehicular crashes jump to the number-one spot.

While the statistics include all types of motor vehicles, undoubtedly semi trucks are a significant contributor. Their massive size and weight make impact with them all the more dangerous, leading to severe head trauma and higher chances of permanent brain damage.

Other injuries

TBIs are not the only injury you can receive. You may also experience:

  •        Broken bones
  •        Internal damage
  •        Lacerations
  •        Emotional suffering

In addition, even if you somehow escape unscathed, your vehicle will not. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shares that in 2015 there were 95,337 towaway crashes from large trucks, as opposed to 53,263 crashes leading to injury. Whether or not you get harmed, you will need a new vehicle.

Get financial compensation

Permanent and debilitating injuries change your life. You will have medical bills to pay; possibly lifelong care; and you may have to change jobs, decrease your hours or not work at all. These changes also affect your loved ones, burdening all of you. You can lighten some of the load by receiving the financial resources you need to live with the consequences of your accident. Speak to a personal injury attorney to start your case.

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