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The unpredictability of brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury affects the way a person acts, thinks and feels. The Brain Injury Association of America estimates that about 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. Falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults and accidents in which an object strikes a person can cause TBIs. 

A TBI adversely affects the brain. Neurons and nerve tracts within the brain do not carry messages effectively. A TBI can cause impairment in speech, an inability to perform simple functions and change internal functions of the body. Some patients may have problems regulating body temperature or blood pressure while others might lose bladder control. 

BIAA wants people to remember that: 

  •          A person with a brain injury is a person first
  •          No two brain injuries are the same
  •          TBIs vary greatly from person to person
  •          The effects of a brain injury depend on many different factors, the location of the injury, the severity of the injury and the cause of the injury. 

Injuries to the left side of the brain relate more to logic and language, and injuries to the right side of the brain alter the creative processes and visual memory. Injuries which are scattered throughout the brain cause confusion, fatigue and impaired cognitive skills. 

Did the brain injury occur due to negligence? 

Brain injuries are very serious and have short- and long-term consequences. Sometimes, the effects of a TBI do not appear until weeks or even months following the injury. When he negligence of others leads to a brain injury, victims should receive compensation for their injuries. There may be ongoing medical care required to restore quality of life. Some TBI patients can no longer work after an injury, which is another aspect of compensation. It would benefit the family of a person living with a TBI to talk to an experienced attorney about the insurance claim. 

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