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Facing drug charges? Challenge the evidence and investigation

As many Louisiana residents can attest, being accused of and arrested for a crime can be frightening. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing jail time or even prison time, along with other penalties, so it is important to begin planning your defense as quickly as possible. When it comes to drug charges, this often means reviewing the evidence and investigation that led to your arrest since circumstances are not always as they seem.

The quantity and type of drugs can make a difference in how you are charged. It will be necessary to confirm that the substance seized by police is actually what investigators claim it is and that the amount reported is accurate. Were you arrested for possessing a prescription drug? If you have a prescription for it, the charges might not stand.

Another crucial factor in drug cases is how police conducted the investigation that led to your arrest. If an officer initiated a traffic stop and then arrested you for drug possession, Louisiana prosecutors will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in court that the drugs were actually in your physical possession. Furthermore, if the traffic stop or the search of your vehicle violated your rights, the charges might not stand. If a search warrant was involved, your attorney will determine whether officials properly obtained and executed it.

You have the right to ask these and other pertinent questions, and having an attorney advocate for you will help ensure that nothing is overlooked. Every detail of the evidence and investigation that supposedly support your drug charges will be scrutinized. Thereafter, a defense can be formulated that will provide you with the best outcome possible.

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