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Accident Risks Associated with Tractor-Trailers


Tractor-trailers serve as essential goods transportation, in Louisiana and throughout the world. Also called semi trucks, these vehicles are a combination of a tractor unit and a trailer designed to haul freight. Tractor-trailers are massive vehicles that play a crucial role in the economy, but they also pose unique accident challenges and risks.

Understanding tractor-trailer accident risks is essential for promoting road safety, and it’s important for anyone injured in an accident involving a commercial truck to know they have rights. To receive the legal assistance you need to navigate complicated insurance claims or pursue litigation, have a conversation with a New Orleans personal injury lawyer.

Why Tractor-Trailers Are Common on Louisiana Roadways

Given Louisiana’s strategic location and reliance on commerce, tractor-trailers are a common sight on its roadways. These vehicles transport goods to and from ports, manufacturing hubs, and distribution centers, connecting the state to national and international trade networks. They are a preferred form of travel for a few different reasons.

  • Tractor-trailers are efficient for transporting large quantities of goods over long distances. Their size provides a large capacity, which means carrying significant loads is possible. This makes them indispensable in the logistics chain.
  • Economic impact. The transportation of goods by tractor-trailers fuels economic growth, supporting industries and businesses by ensuring a timely and reliable supply chain.
  • Large commercial semis are versatile, capable of transporting various types of cargo, including dry goods, refrigerated items, and hazardous materials.

Despite these benefits, tractor-trailers pose dangers on the road. One of these dangers is the sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers. When a large semi truck is involved in an accident with smaller vehicles, the consequences can be devastating.

Additionally, tractor-trailers have limited maneuverability compared to smaller vehicles because of their size and weight. This can affect their ability to navigate turns or respond quickly to sudden changes in traffic conditions. Braking distance issues can also elevate accident risks as semis require longer distances to come to a complete stop, and inadequate braking distance can lead to rear-end collisions or jackknife accidents. Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure truck drivers are trained in how to handle maneuverability and braking concerns.

Looking Into Driver Negligence or Safety Violations

Seeking legal support after a semi collision is important as a range of factors could have led to the accident, from driver negligence and vehicle maintenance issues to violations of safety regulations.

Seasoned New Orleans personal injury lawyers who have successfully secured compensation for past clients involved in tractor-trailer incidents know how to gather evidence, such as witness statements, accident reports, and data from the truck’s black box, to strengthen your case.

Have you found yourself struggling to access the financial relief you need after a Louisiana tractor-trailer collision? If this is true for you, know that the knowledgeable legal team at Palazzo Law Firm will listen compassionately to the details of your New Orleans, Metairie, or Gretna accident and fight for fair compensation on your behalf. Call 504-433-1442 to schedule an initial, no-cost consultation.

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