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Watch for the signs of a potentially deadly brain injury

During a Louisiana car accident, an occupant of the vehicle suffers a blow to the head. The accident victim feels fine at the scene, but once at home, it may become clear that something is seriously wrong. It is important to watch for certain signs that a simple bump on the head could actually be a serious, and possibly deadly, brain injury.

First, any blow to the head requires medical attention. Even a mild concussion could wreak havoc on an individual's life, but what if the situation is actually more serious than believed? A victim may believe that a headache is expected after a hit to the head, but if it continues to worsen, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Family or friends may not be able to wake the victim or notice that even if he or she wakens, confusion and agitation are apparent.

Traffic control devices are there to prevent auto accidents

Most drivers here in Louisiana and elsewhere know that a fundamental rule of driving is to obey traffic control devices such as stoplights and stop signs. These devices are designed to prevent auto accidents by controlling the flow of traffic at intersections. When a driver fails to adhere to this basic rule, the results can be disastrous.

For example, a car driven by a 35-year-old man was on Louisiana 438 headed west on a recent Wednesday morning. At the same time, a pickup truck was headed south on Louisiana 25. As the two vehicles approached the intersection of the two roadways, the westbound car was required to stop, but did not. 

Will your medical malpractice claim make it past the panel?

When you went to see your doctor or were admitted to a Louisiana hospital, you expected to leave in better shape or at least with a treatment plan that will promote your healing. However, something went wrong, and now your condition is worse, or you suffered a new injury or illness due to a medical mistake. You want to file a medical malpractice claim, but first, it must make it through the review panel.

You must go through the medical review panel process here in Louisiana regardless of whether the harm done to you involved a misdiagnosis, a surgical error or a medication error, among other medical mistakes. The process is designed to act as a clearinghouse in order to ensure that only legitimate claims go forward. If the panel determines whether your claim has merit, you may move forward to either settlement negotiations or litigation.

Independence Day: A reminder that drunk driving is dangerous

Independence Day means many Louisiana residents attend holiday parties, enjoy fireworks and maybe even a few drinks. During holidays, law enforcement officials are ordinarily out in force looking for drivers who may have partied just a little too hard. Drunk driving is dangerous, and it can also be costly to someone's personal and professional lives.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported in 2015 that on Independence Day alone, 146 people died in alcohol-related crashes in which the blood alcohol concentration of at least one of the drivers was at least .08. Another 92 people died in drunk driving crashes with at least one driver whose BAC was .15 or more. The following year, 95 people suffered injuries and seven died on July 4, 2016 alone.

Rear-end crash makes 18 deadly auto accidents in Louisiana parish

So far this year, 18 people have lost their lives in deadly crashes in one Louisiana parish. This may not seem like a lot considering the number of auto accidents that take place, but for the families of those 18 victims, even one death is too much. Number 18 occurred at the end of June on U.S. Highway 165.

Preliminary reports from the Louisiana State Police indicate that the 40-year-old woman was heading north on the highway with two young children at the time of the crash. She slowed down in order to turn left. As she began the turn into a private driveway, the vehicle behind her slammed into the rear of her vehicle.

Mistakes people commonly make after a personal injury

People sustain personal injuries in many ways, such as in a car accident, from slipping on a wet surface or being bit by a dog. No matter the type of injury, some people make a few common mistakes after sustaining it.

Fortunately, these mistakes sometimes amount to nothing or can be minimized down the road. Other times, though, they can be costly.

Identifying a driver is not easy in some auto accidents

In most crashes on Louisiana roadways, identifying the individual driving the vehicle at the time is easy. In some auto accidents, however, it takes additional investigation to determine the identity of the driver. This question can arise in crashes involving only one vehicle in which the occupants were thrown from their seats and all of them died from injuries suffered in the impact.

This happens to be the case in a single-vehicle crash on a recent Tuesday morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. Troopers with the Louisiana State Police were called to the scene of the accident, which took place on Highway 1. Upon arrival, three bodies were found outside the vehicle -- a 34-year-old man, a 30-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man It could take some time to determine which victim was the driver.

Types of injuries you could sustain in a car accident

Driving is a privilege that many motorists in Louisiana take for granted. As convenient as it is for you to travel at whim, there are dangers that come from being on the road. With the number of car accidents occurring every day at an all-time high, you should consider taking measures to protect yourself. Not all car accidents result in property damage and injuries. Some people are able to walk away from their ordeal without any injuries. Others may sustain wounds that can lead to complications and death. No matter the size of a car accident, it affects the lives of everyone involved.

Take some time to learn about the kinds of injuries you are at risk of receiving if you are ever in a car accident.

Some auto accidents involve defective or poorly repaired parts

Each part of a vehicle works with the others in order to keep it moving and operating properly. If certain parts of a vehicle are defective or poorly repaired or maintained, the delicate balance can be upset and lead to motorcycle, truck or auto accidents on Louisiana roadways. The results of these crashes could include severe or fatal injuries to the unsuspecting occupants of these vehicles.

This could be what happened in a recent single-vehicle crash involving a motorcycle. The crash took place on a recent Tuesday morning at around 10:41 a.m. Preliminary reports indicate that the rear tire on the motorcycle failed. When it did, its 56-year-old rider could not maintain control of the vehicle and crashed.

Erratic driving led to traffic stop for potential drunk driving

Louisiana law enforcement officers tend to take notice when a vehicle fails to stay in its lane or is otherwise moving erratically. This is often enough reasonable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop. In cases where a vehicle is moving erratically, an officer may suspect the person behind the wheel of drunk driving.

For instance, a Louisiana State Police trooper reportedly witnessed a vehicle make erratic movements as it swerved in and out of lanes, including into the opposing lane of travel. After initiating a traffic stop, the trooper allegedly witnessed the driver moving in a manner that indicated impairment. The trooper administered a field sobriety test, which he claimed the woman failed.


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