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Metairie School Accident Lawyer

School is supposed to be a safe place for children to learn. Of course, no place is completely safe and accidents happen. And if your child has been hurt while at school, you may ask if the school itself can be held financially responsible for your son or daughter’s injuries.

The answer to this question is complicated. It depends on a number of factors, including whether your child attends a public or private school. An experienced Metairie school accident lawyer can review your child’s specific case and advise you of your options for taking legal action. At Palazzo Law Firm, we have an extensive track record of helping children and their parents obtain compensation for injuries that were caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of school officials.

When Is a School Liable for a Child’s Injuries?

Accidental injuries are far more common in Louisiana’s schools than many people realize. Here are just a few examples:

  • A child trips or falls on a cracked sidewalk in front of the school.
  • A child falls off a defective or improperly maintained piece of playground equipment.
  • A child suffers a severe sprain or strain during a school-sponsored sporting event.
  • A child sustains a cut or scrape while using equipment in class.
  • A child experiences physical bullying and school officials took no action to stop it.
  • A school may be liable for any of these types of injuries under a number of legal theories. In general, teachers and school administrators have a duty of care to act in loco parentis, meaning they must provide a similar level of supervision as a responsible parent would. As the occupier of property, the school can also be held liable under Louisiana premises liability law for hazardous conditions on the campus itself. Or the school can be sued for the negligence of a specific employee, such as a bus driver who causes an accident due to speeding.

As previously noted, whether your child attends public or private school can also make a critical difference. Public schools are considered political subdivisions of the state and as such are protected by the government’s sovereign immunity. This means you cannot sue a public school unless you follow very specific rules that allow you to take advantage of the legislature’s “waiver” of sovereign immunity in personal injury cases.

Contact The Palazzo Law Firm Today

If your child has been injured in a school accident, your first priority is obviously to make sure they receive proper medical treatment. But your next step should be to follow up with the school and make sure they file a proper incident report documenting your child’s injuries. At the same time, do not assume the school will simply accept responsibility for the accident.

A qualified Metairie school accident lawyer can sit down with you and review the facts and circumstances surrounding your child’s accident. This can help you determine whether to file a formal claim or lawsuit against the school. Contact Palazzo Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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