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Car Accident Personal Injury Claims In Louisiana


Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Are you wondering what is a fair compensation from your insurance company? At Palazzo Law Firm, our attorneys push back against insurance companies by representing your valid claim. Having an experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate dealing with an insurance company and the aftermath of a car accident.

Immediate Next Steps

A car accident can be one of the worst experiences in a person’s life. It may be difficult to know what to do in the aftermath. Here are some practical next steps to take.

After a car accident, you likely visited the emergency room or visited a doctor for some form of medical care. You must go to your follow-up appointments and follow your doctor’s advice for treatment. If you delay these visits or skip them all together, the insurance company may use this as evidence to prove that you were not as seriously injured as you claim you were.

You should also preserve as much evidence as possible to help formulate your personal injury case. This evidence can include potential witnesses, photos of injuries, photos of damage to the vehicle, and take notes of what you remember as it comes to you as memories fade over time. If you work with Palazzo Law Firm, we will thoroughly investigate the case which could include reconstructing the scene or interviewing witnesses.

When Can I Bring a Personal Injury Case?

To successfully fight for the compensation you deserve, we must build a strong personal injury case. It is important that your personal injury case is brought within the statute of limitations, which is one year after the date of the accident. However, if the individual bringing a claim is under 18 the statute of limitations does not begin running until that individual turns 18 years old.


Louisiana has a compulsory coverage rule, which means anyone who owns a motor vehicle in the state must maintain insurance. If you do not have insurance when you get into an accident, state law prevents you from recovering for the first $15,000 of bodily injury and for the first $25,000 of property damage. Further, Louisiana is a comparative fault state, meaning that the court will consider the injured persons fault in determining damages. For example, Driver A is driving ten miles over the speed limit but Driver B runs a red light and hits Driver A’s car. The court would consider both Driver A’s and Driver B’s fault in the accident and Driver A’s damages could be reduced based on how much fault they had.

Contact Us Today For Help

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, call 504-433-1442 for a free consultation with one of our experienced and aggressive New Orleans car wreck attorneys today. The sooner you enlist an attorney who will listen to your story and advocate for your rights, the better for your personal injury case. Palazzo Law Firm will have your back to implement a winning strategy for your case.

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