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How effective are drug courts?

If you find yourself facing a Louisiana drug charge, the penalties can prove considerable. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your crime and whether you have an existing criminal record, and what it entails if you do, you may be able to avoid jail by enrolling in drug court.

Though not available to everyone and not offered in all areas, drug courts have proven beneficial not only when it comes to helping combat addiction, but in helping your surrounding community, as well. Typically, drug court participants must make regular appearances in front of a judge and submit to drug testing and counseling as part of the program, and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals reports that they are effective in the following ways:

They help meth addicts get clean

If you have ever used methamphetamine, you may know firsthand just how difficult it can be to kick this type of habit. Drug courts, however, are accomplishing something many meth addicts struggle to do on their own: get clean and stay clean. In fact, meth addicts who go through drug court stay clean about four times as long as those who go through eight other types of programs.

They save communities money

Drug courts are also financially easier on communities than housing drug offenders in prison settings. Savings range from somewhere between $3,000 and $13,000 for every offender who completes a drug court program, and nationally, the country saves as much as $3.36 for every $1 invested into drug courts.

They lead to reductions in crime

Many drug offenders commit crimes they likely would not had they not been suffering from addictions in the first place, and this is among the many reasons drug courts help minimize crime. By treating the addictions rather than simply punishing addicts, drug courts make offenders less likely to return to prison. In fact, about three-quarters of those who graduate drug court do not return to prison at least two years later.

Simply put, drug courts work. If you are facing a drug charge, consider finding out if you might be able to take part in drug court instead of serving time behind bars.

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