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November 2017 Archives

Seeking compensation in auto accidents

The screeching of brakes, the crunch of metal and the snap of bones are just some of the sounds many people hear when a collision happens. Whether you saw it coming or not, when your vehicle finally comes to a stop, it may take you a few seconds to realize what just happened. When you do, you may also become keenly aware of pain in certain parts of your body and recognize that you suffered serious injuries. This is a common scenario in auto accidents that take place here in Louisiana and elsewhere.

What to expect if your underage kid faces alcohol-related charges

You leave for the weekend or send your kid off to college with your full trust. Unfortunately, you get the call that your child was caught consuming alcohol. You might be distraught, confused and wondering what will happen next. In this situation, it is important for you to know about the laws about underage drinking in Louisiana and potential punishments.

Louisiana city's pilot program may affect drunk driving charges

For some Louisiana residents, refusing to take a breath test is a strategic move since law enforcement officials may need to wait until the following day to receive a search warrant for a blood sample. During that time, the individual's blood alcohol concentration will more than likely go down. Even though there are formulas to determine what it may have been at the time of an arrest for drunk driving, there is still room for doubt in court.

A look at marijuana laws in Louisiana

Minds and laws across about marijuana are changing across the country. Even Louisiana has seen the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes in 2015. The state also passed a bill in 2015 that reduced criminal penalties for marijuana possession. New Orleans has also decriminalized recreational possession of the drug. The difference in how marijuana is treated for certain purposes or in specific ordinances can make it confusing.

When accused of committing felonies, what you do next matters

Like most Louisiana residents, when you are accused of something, you want to tell your side of the story. However, when you are accused of committing felonies, are under arrest and potentially face serious charges, telling your story without first consulting a criminal defense attorney would probably be a mistake. In fact, any statements you make could end up being used against you in court no matter how innocent they sounded in your head when you made them. 

Wrong-way auto accidents rarely end well

When two objects heading from opposite directions collide, the force of the impact is often greater than it would be if the objects were heading in the same direction. This can be seen in wrong-way auto accidents in which two vehicles often collide head-on with great force. These types of accidents rarely end well whether they occur here in Louisiana or elsewhere, and the victims tend to suffer catastrophic or deadly injuries.

How effective are drug courts?

If you find yourself facing a Louisiana drug charge, the penalties can prove considerable. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your crime and whether you have an existing criminal record, and what it entails if you do, you may be able to avoid jail by enrolling in drug court.


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