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Medical malpractice suit alleges surgeries were unnecessary

When a doctor informs a patient that he or she has cancer, most Louisiana residents would feel it was important to act -- and act fast. Typically, a patient will want to follow that doctor's advice no matter what it involved, particularly if it meant a chance of surviving a life-threatening illness. Patients everywhere rely on their doctors' guidance for their health and well-being, and if a physician indicates that surgery is the best -- or only -- option for survival, the typical person would have little choice but to trust the advice of a medical professional. Imagine, then, following through on such an invasive, life-altering operation only to discover after it was too late that the doctors had been wrong? This nightmare scenario is exactly what a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state is alleging took place.

According to the lawsuit, a 36-year-old mother underwent genetic testing in 2015 on the recommendation of her nurse practitioner. She was allegedly told by the health care provider that her test results showed a MLH1 gene mutation in addition Lynch syndrome, a condition that increases the risk for developing many types of cancer. The nurse practitioner -- who, it was later discovered, apparently misinterpreted the results -- referred the woman to specialists at the Curry Health Network.

There, rather than recommending a retest to independently confirm the findings, a gynecologist there performed a hysterectomy. The patient was subsequently referred to a surgeon who performed a double mastectomy. It was only after these invasive surgeries that the woman discovered the test results had been misread and that her screening had actually showed she was negative for the cancerous mutations and syndrome.

Adding insult to injury, the woman's replacement implants during her reconstructive surgery were allegedly misplaced, resulting in complications that required almost a dozen corrective surgeries. Understandably, the woman is suing for $1.8 million. Of course, each and every medical malpractice case is different, but no one deserves to be left suffering due to the error or carelessness of a medical professional. Injured patients in Louisiana should know that they have the right to speak with a legal professional and explore their options for justice and compensation.

Source: The Washington Post, ""Damaged for the rest of my life": Woman says surgeons mistakenly removed her breasts and uterus", Lindsey Bever, Oct. 24, 2017

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