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80s icon Corey Feldman says drug charges will be dropped

Louisiana fans of 1980s movies starring Corey Feldman may be closely following a developing story involving the former actor turned singer. Feldman and several members of his band were recently traveling through this state on tour, but their plans were interrupted by police. They are now facing drug charges for marijuana possession.

Feldman immediately let his fans know that he, personally, was not found in possession of any drugs, but is facing criminal misdemeanor charges because he owns the bus the other band members (who were charged with having marijuana in their possession) were on at the time. The 80s star also said his band members had every right to carry marijuana because they have been approved for medicinal use of the drug. The only problem is that apparently they did not have the proper prescription vials with them when police conducted their search.

Feldman's bus was initially stopped because police said it was traveling over the posted speed limit in the area. Feldman publicly stated that someone promised him all charges would be dropped as soon as his band members could produce proof of their marijuana prescriptions. He also stressed the point that no one was held in jail overnight and that no illegal drugs were found on his bus.

Medical marijuana issues are often complicated, especially when drug charges have been filed. Federal law prohibits all possession, use, manufacturing or distribution of marijuana, while Louisiana and other states implement their own laws, which often conflict with federal statutes. One of the swiftest means for addressing such problems is to rely on experienced criminal defense assistance in court.

Source:, "Corey Feldman, in Dallas Before Drug Bust, Said He Was Nervous to Drive Through Louisiana", Caroline North, Oct. 25, 2017

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