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Facts about record expungement in Louisiana

If you have been convicted of a crime in Louisiana, it will remain on your criminal record for life. However, there is an option you can use to get it removed. This is called expungement. It enables you to have your records sealed so they cannot be accessed by the public, which would include most employers and landlords.

The Louisiana State Legislature notes only certain records can be expunged. However, the goal of allowing for records to be sealed is to allow you to be able to move past your conviction or arrest and obtain employment and become a productive citizen.

Important points

When it comes to record expungement, the Louisiana State Bar Association notes it is a complex system that is often taken on a case by case basis if you were convicted. Your best bet is to seek legal help to determine if you are eligible. 

If you were arrested but never charged or not found guilty, the process may be easier. If the prosecutor can still bring charges against you, then you cannot get an expungement. For example, if you were arrested for murder, there is no statute of limitations on when charges can be filed, so you may never be able to get your records sealed. However, if you were arrested on a misdemeanor charge that was punishable by only a fine, there is a six month statue of limitations. After that, you can get the arrest expunged.

The process

An expungement is a legal process. It must be done through the courts, and you will be charged fees. There are specific forms that must be filled out and filed with the court. It is also not a quick process. It takes an average of four months from beginning to end. The expungement is not final until the court has ruled on it.

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