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Types of injuries you could sustain in a car accident

Driving is a privilege that many motorists in Louisiana take for granted. As convenient as it is for you to travel at whim, there are dangers that come from being on the road. With the number of car accidents occurring every day at an all-time high, you should consider taking measures to protect yourself. Not all car accidents result in property damage and injuries. Some people are able to walk away from their ordeal without any injuries. Others may sustain wounds that can lead to complications and death. No matter the size of a car accident, it affects the lives of everyone involved.

Take some time to learn about the kinds of injuries you are at risk of receiving if you are ever in a car accident.


Car wrecks are frightening situations. The sound and impact of metal and glass colliding and shattering can leave many victims with nightmares. Some car accident victims are so traumatized by their ordeals that they are unable to get back behind the wheel right away. It is not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, emotional distress, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

Brain injuries

The sudden and rapid jarring motion of car accidents can result in a person’s body being thrown about. The head can hit the window, windshield or some other object with so much force that it physically hurts the brain. People who suffer from mild brain injuries may lose consciousness after their accidents. Some individuals may remain awake but feel dazed and confused. Some car accident victims may have brain trauma but not learn of it until much later.

Not all people who suffer brain injuries in car accidents show symptoms right away. Some people may experience balance problems, trouble concentrating and remembering things, and changes in personality.

Scrapes, cuts and bruises

Many individuals only end up with mild scrapes, bruises and cuts and do not need to seek out major medical attention or go through long recoveries. Others may have severe bruises and lacerations that can result in temporary disability.

Broken and fractured bones

The chances of breaking and fracturing bones in car accidents are high. Due to the force and impact involved in car accidents, victims can end up with multiple broken and fractured bones in different areas of their bodies. The face, arms, legs, hands and collar bone are common areas where broken bones and fractures occur on people who are injured in motor vehicle wrecks.

With careful planning and attention to the roads and your driving behaviors, you can lower the chances of you being in a car accident. Some circumstances are beyond your control that can lead to you being in one at some point in your life. If you suffer injuries from a motor vehicle accident, you should speak to an attorney for guidance to aid in your recovery.

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