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Facing drug charges? You may need help

Everyone makes mistakes. Does that mean that you should face potential ruin in your professional, personal or college lives? Louisiana takes drug crimes seriously, and you should as well. If you face drug charges, you may need help ensuring that any impact on your life is minimal if at all.

Drug charges include possession of illegal and prescription drugs (with or without intent), distribution and trafficking, along with manufacturing. You could also face charges for possessing drug paraphernalia. The penalties associated with these crimes can be harsh in terms of potential fines, court costs, and fees and incarceration.

An attorney would undoubtedly review the alleged evidence against you prior to providing you with your legal options. Law enforcement officials, lab technicians and others involved in your case make mistakes as well. Furthermore, the failure to follow established policies and procedures designed to protect your rights may also have occurred. Any such weaknesses in the prosecution's case could result in a dismissal, or at least a reduction, of the charges. Therefore, you need someone to advocate for you who is thorough, knows your rights and understands how police investigations should be conducted.

You should never simply plead guilty to drug charges without first consulting an attorney. What you may believe is a hopeless case may not be. Seeking the advice and assistance of a Louisiana criminal defense attorney could keep your mistake from leading to a criminal record, which could keep you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams for your life. An attorney should be prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary, but should also be willing to seek the best possible outcome for your case that has the least impact on your life.

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