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Louisiana's fatal alcohol-related auto accidents are dropping

Even though far too many families lose loved ones on Louisiana's roadways every year, any lives that are saved could be considered a victory of sorts. That is why the news that ignition interlock devices are helping lower the number of fatal alcohol-related auto accidents in the state is good news. These devices are designed to keep drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence from doing it again.

Research indicates that a driver who gets behind the wheel after drinking does so approximately 80 times before he or she either is in an accident or arrested for doing so. Other statistics indicate that at any given time, there are approximately two million people on the nation's roadways who have two or three drunk driving convictions on their records. Perhaps even scarier is the fact that three out of every four individuals whose driver's licenses were suspended for DUI keep driving -- and some of them could be drunk behind the wheel. 

An ignition interlock device requires the driver to blow into it prior to starting the vehicle. The detection of any measurable alcohol causes the device to prevent the vehicle from starting. Through proper use of the device, an individual can get to work and attend to his or her daily needs, but will not be able to drive the vehicle after drinking.

This increases the safety of everyone on the road as it relates to drunk driving auto accidents, but many others continue to drive drunk and cause accidents. Any Louisiana resident who loses a loved one in a fatal crash or suffers serious injuries retains the right to file either a wrongful death or personal injury claim, as applicable, against an alleged drunk driver and any other parties who might bear some legal liability for the crash. If negligence is successfully established through applicable evidence, the court could award damages to help with the financial losses associated with the accident.

Source:, "Sober to start", Feb. 19, 2017

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