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February 2017 Archives

Did you suffer a mild traumatic brain injury?

Insurance companies here in Louisiana and elsewhere are in business to make money -- plain and simple. Because of this, they often attempt to deny claims or offer settlements that are far less than certain claims might be worth. This can be especially true when for those suffer a mild traumatic brain injury since providing the proof an insurer might request could be problematic.

Is being overweight a defense for failing a field sobriety test?

In 2009, in what sounds like something out of a fictional novel, a New Jersey man used the defense that he was too fat to pass the field sobriety tests. At the time, it was considered an unusual defense to a DUI, but many organizations are now considering how people with different health conditions do on the test.

Impairment is suspected in many single auto accidents

When Louisiana law enforcement officers arrive at the scene of a crash involving only one vehicle, they often suspect that either alcohol or drugs impaired the driver. During the course of the investigation, testing is often done to determine whether this was the case. As it turns out, those suspicions are confirmed in a number of single auto accidents.

Louisiana only requires 10 of 12 jurors to agree on most felonies

Every so often, one of Louisiana's criminal laws is challenged in connection with a case. For instance, the state only requires 10 out of 12 jurors to agree to convict in most felony cases. Unless an accused individual faces the death penalty, a unanimous verdict is not required if he or she is on trial for felonies committed in the state -- even if the individual faces life in prison.

When the birthing process turns into medical malpractice

Louisiana parents who experience a pregnancy identified as being "high risk" are already wary of the birthing process. On the other hand, parents who experience a normal -- or at least nearly normal -- pregnancy often do not expect the birthing process to end in tragedy. When it does, the possibility that medical malpractice caused the injuries to the child could be explored.

Fatalities often result from motorcycle vs. auto accidents

Many Louisiana residents enjoy riding motorcycles despite the fact that they are more vulnerable to serious or fatal injuries in the event of a crash. The sad truth is that fatalities often result from motorcycle vs. auto accidents. The question becomes whether the circumstances of a particular accident lead to criminal charges against the auto driver, along with civil actions filed by surviving family members.

Deadly auto accidents do not discriminate based on age

Every occupant of a vehicle, regardless of one's age, is vulnerable in a crash. From Louisiana residents who have lived long lives to those who have barely begun theirs, auto accidents do not discriminate when it comes to who lives and who dies. Even those who are fortunate enough to survive may suffer serious, permanent and debilitating injuries that affect the rest of their lives.


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