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December 2016 Archives

Whether you face felonies or misdemeanors protect yourself

Coming into contact with police and the Louisiana criminal justice system can be frightening and frustrating. Whether you are facing misdemeanors or felonies, you need answers to questions about what you might be facing. Below are some of the answers you need to help you understand what comes next -- and perhaps more importantly -- how to protect yourself.

Getting your medical malpractice claim past the review panel

The fact of the matter is that not everything that goes wrong with a patient is due to negligence. Some medical results are due to known risks associated with a procedure, injury or illness. This is why all medical malpractice claims in Louisiana must first go through a medical review panel to determine whether there is, in fact, a claim.

Facing drug charges? Challenge the evidence and investigation

As many Louisiana residents can attest, being accused of and arrested for a crime can be frightening. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing jail time or even prison time, along with other penalties, so it is important to begin planning your defense as quickly as possible. When it comes to drug charges, this often means reviewing the evidence and investigation that led to your arrest since circumstances are not always as they seem.

How the Castle Doctrine affects felonies involving death

Like elsewhere in the United States, Louisiana residents have the right to defend themselves by using force against force. The Stand-Your-Ground doctrine and the Castle Doctrine are the two main parts to the legal theory of self-defense. For those charged with felonies involving death -- such as negligent homicide, manslaughter or murder -- one of these doctrines might be used as a defense if the circumstances warrant.

The likely reason for your teen's first-time offense

When your usually good teen has been arrested for the first time, you may be wondering why or how it reached that point. You may be surprised at the sudden change in behavior or escalation to something as serious as a crime. Unless there have been drastic changes in your home life, the explanation may be as simple as the fact that your teen has a teen brain, which is underdeveloped in relevant ways and will continue to mature into early adulthood.

What happens after serious auto accidents can impact legal claims

Even though you might follow the rules of the road, that does not mean that all Louisiana drivers will. A significant number of auto accidents here and around the country are caused by the negligent actions of another driver. Since establishing that fact is essential to the success of a legal claim, what you do in the aftermath of a serious accident can impact your personal injury claim.

Are you contemplating a wrongful death claim after a loss?

Losing a loved one is difficult enough. When that loss is unexpected, it can be even more of a challenge both emotionally and financially. If you believe that a member of your immediate family died due to the negligence of another, Louisiana law provides for the right to file a wrongful death claim that could provide some emotional closure and restitution for any financial losses.

How caregiver perceptions change after a brain injury

A brain injury, especially to a child, is something that impacts the entire family. Naturally, at the beginning, caregivers often feel quite optimistic. What has happened is terrible, but they still think a full recovery is on the horizon. In this, known as the first stage, experts say that caregivers often perceive the child as someone who is only a little difficult. This is true for the first three months.


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