Keeping Your Life On Track

You've been arrested for the first time in your life. You're not a career criminal, and you should not be treated like one. However, a prosecutor may see it differently. A prosecutor may seek the same penalties that they would seek for a habitual offender. You need an experienced advocate on your side to see that you are treated appropriately.

At Palazzo Law Firm, we recognize that this is a critical juncture in your life. If you are convicted of a crime, your entire future will be thrown off course. Our attorneys are ready to fight to prevent that from happening. Let us help to keep your life on track.

There Are So Many Options For First-Time Offenders

There are a wide range of pretrial diversion programs available in Louisiana, depending on the nature of the charge. These programs are typically available to people accused of misdemeanors such as drug charges like possession or theft crimes like shoplifting.

In a drug-court program, you will enter a conditional no contest or guilty plea. You will then need to fulfill a variety of requirements. Among these requirements, counseling is common. In a drug-related case, for example, you may need to go through a rehabilitation program. Of course, you will also need to avoid being accused of any other criminal activity. If you fulfill all requirements within a certain timeframe, usually 18 months, your case will be dismissed.

With so many of these options available, you may wonder why you need a lawyer. There is a huge difference between what is available under the law and what prosecutors will offer. Our lawyers know when pretrial diversion is an option, and even drug court, and we will make certain it is not overlooked. Furthermore, after completion of the pretrial diversion program, or drug court program, we will educate you about your expungement options for clearing your record.

Juveniles And Youthful Offenders

Many first-time offenders are juveniles or youthful offenders. The juvenile court system is quite different from the adult criminal justice system. The goal is rehabilitation, rather than punishment. We work hard to keep cases in the juvenile court system and prevent young people from being tried as adults. We navigate the process with care, doing everything we can to protect the rights of the accused, knowing that a future is on the line.

Free Consultation For First-Time Offenders

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