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Suspicious affidavit led woman to file medical malpractice claim

Even with all of the medical advances of recent years, receiving a diagnosis of cancer can still incite panic and fear. Louisiana residents trust doctors and surgeons to make decisions that will provide them with the best options possible. However, what if the diagnosis was wrong, and a patient underwent life-altering surgery when it was not even needed? More than likely, that patient would at least consider filing a medical malpractice claim, but how would he or she know that the diagnosis was wrong if no one came forward?

Will your medical malpractice claim make it past the panel?

When you went to see your doctor or were admitted to a Louisiana hospital, you expected to leave in better shape or at least with a treatment plan that will promote your healing. However, something went wrong, and now your condition is worse, or you suffered a new injury or illness due to a medical mistake. You want to file a medical malpractice claim, but first, it must make it through the review panel.

Medical malpractice claims could settle before going to trial

Like veterans of the Armed Forces who reside here in Louisiana, many veterans rely on VA hospitals for their health care needs. They trust that the doctors working in those facilities have the patient's best interests in mind when searching for a diagnosis and creating a treatment plan. When something goes wrong, and it looks like it was the fault of the VA hospital and its medical staff, a medical malpractice claim could be an appropriate course of action. If the opportunity to settle arises, it could provide a swift and painless end to protracted litigation.

Medical malpractice case against anesthesiologist goes to trial

That was the ruling of a U.S. District Court judge regarding a motion for summary judgment filed by an anesthesiologist in another state. He attempted to have a medical malpractice claim against him dismissed by claiming sovereign immunity because he said he was working for the state at the time of the incident. As might happen in a similar case here in Louisiana, the court ruled that he was not working in that capacity at the time, and ordered that the case go to trial.

When the birthing process turns into medical malpractice

Louisiana parents who experience a pregnancy identified as being "high risk" are already wary of the birthing process. On the other hand, parents who experience a normal -- or at least nearly normal -- pregnancy often do not expect the birthing process to end in tragedy. When it does, the possibility that medical malpractice caused the injuries to the child could be explored.

Getting your medical malpractice claim past the review panel

The fact of the matter is that not everything that goes wrong with a patient is due to negligence. Some medical results are due to known risks associated with a procedure, injury or illness. This is why all medical malpractice claims in Louisiana must first go through a medical review panel to determine whether there is, in fact, a claim.


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