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Erratic driving led to traffic stop for potential drunk driving

Louisiana law enforcement officers tend to take notice when a vehicle fails to stay in its lane or is otherwise moving erratically. This is often enough reasonable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop. In cases where a vehicle is moving erratically, an officer may suspect the person behind the wheel of drunk driving.

Did drunk driving contribute to a recent head-on collision?

Impaired drivers threaten the lives of everyone else with whom they share the roads. Data shows that drunk driving takes the lives of thousands of innocent people each year and injures thousands more. Louisiana law enforcement agencies do what they can to keep these drivers off the roads, but they are unable to stop all of these easily preventable accidents from occurring.

Drunk driving arrests aren't solely based on breath tests

Most Louisiana residents are under the mistaken impression that as long as their blood alcohol concentration is not above the state's legal limit of .08 that they will not be arrested for DUI. Unfortunately, most arrests for drunk driving are based on more than just a roadside breath test. This is because many people rightfully question the accuracy of a breath test in court.

Could admissions of drunk driving be used against a driver?

Most people in Louisiana who drink alcohol are often no longer in control of their faculties. This often includes making statements while their judgment is impaired that they may otherwise not have made. The question becomes whether making admissions of drunk driving to non-law enforcement personnel would be admissible in court.

Drunk driving and pedestrians don't mix

Everyone knows that Louisiana has its share of impaired drivers. As people travel the state's roadways, they know to be on the lookout for a vehicle that could be driven by someone under the influence. Pedestrians also need to remain aware since they have even fewer protections when they encounter someone who is drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges affect several aspects of a driver's life

Many Louisiana residents might not make the right decision when it comes to getting behind the wheel after drinking. Drunk driving charges could affect both their personal and private lives. That mistake should not derail their lives -- especially without a conviction.

Is being overweight a defense for failing a field sobriety test?

In 2009, in what sounds like something out of a fictional novel, a New Jersey man used the defense that he was too fat to pass the field sobriety tests. At the time, it was considered an unusual defense to a DUI, but many organizations are now considering how people with different health conditions do on the test.

The reason behind a DUI stop can be pivotal to your defense

The reason the officer pulled you over is a consideration in some drunk driving cases. The officer had to initiate the traffic stop for a legal purpose. If there wasn't any other violation, such as running a red light, present, the officer must have had reasonable suspicion to suspect you were impaired in order to initiate the traffic stop.


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