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Auto accidents can turn Louisiana vacations into nightmares

Many people come from all over the country to vacation here in Louisiana. As they drive on the state's highways and byways, auto accidents will happen. Some of them are serious enough to cause loss of life. In those tragic circumstances, vacations become nightmares in a matter of seconds.

Failing to obey stop signs can cause deadly auto accidents

These days, many Louisiana drivers sit at a green light just a couple seconds longer to be sure that a vehicle in the cross traffic is not going to run the red light. Other drivers slow down at intersections even if they have the green light to be sure that another vehicle will not turn into their path. Drivers make mistakes and costly miscalculations that sometimes end up causing serious auto accidents. Those who are lucky enough walk away with only minor injuries, but in some cases, victims can suffer life-altering injuries or lose their lives.

Auto accidents often happen during lane changes

While driving in town, crashes tend to happen most often at intersections. When on Louisiana's highways and interstates, auto accidents tend to happen most often during lane changes. In either case, lives can be altered forever, or even ended, when drivers make serious errors in judgment or simply fail to pay attention.

Traffic control devices are there to prevent auto accidents

Most drivers here in Louisiana and elsewhere know that a fundamental rule of driving is to obey traffic control devices such as stoplights and stop signs. These devices are designed to prevent auto accidents by controlling the flow of traffic at intersections. When a driver fails to adhere to this basic rule, the results can be disastrous.

Rear-end crash makes 18 deadly auto accidents in Louisiana parish

So far this year, 18 people have lost their lives in deadly crashes in one Louisiana parish. This may not seem like a lot considering the number of auto accidents that take place, but for the families of those 18 victims, even one death is too much. Number 18 occurred at the end of June on U.S. Highway 165.

Identifying a driver is not easy in some auto accidents

In most crashes on Louisiana roadways, identifying the individual driving the vehicle at the time is easy. In some auto accidents, however, it takes additional investigation to determine the identity of the driver. This question can arise in crashes involving only one vehicle in which the occupants were thrown from their seats and all of them died from injuries suffered in the impact.

Some auto accidents involve defective or poorly repaired parts

Each part of a vehicle works with the others in order to keep it moving and operating properly. If certain parts of a vehicle are defective or poorly repaired or maintained, the delicate balance can be upset and lead to motorcycle, truck or auto accidents on Louisiana roadways. The results of these crashes could include severe or fatal injuries to the unsuspecting occupants of these vehicles.

Fire presents an additional danger in auto accidents

Predicting what will happen during a motor vehicle collision is nearly impossible. Unexpected consequences arise in many auto accidents, and one of them is fire. When vehicles catch fire, the occupants face an additional danger that could cost them their lives. Fire more than likely contributed to the death of a Louisiana man in a recent crash on Interstate 10.

Some victims initially survive auto accidents only to die later

Even when family members are notified that a love one was involved in a serious crash here in Louisiana, they rejoice in the fact that he or she is, at least, alive. They might retain hope that their family member will walk out of the hospital someday. Unfortunately, far too many victims of auto accidents end up succumbing to the injuries they suffered in those wrecks days or weeks later.

Finding witnesses to deadly single-auto accidents is challenging

Some crashes have no witnesses when those involved die from their injuries before police arrive. This makes the job of troopers with the Louisiana State Police challenging since, other than the physical evidence left behind, they must take on the task of attempting to determine what factors led to these auto accidents and the events that precipitated them. This could be the challenge currently facing troopers and investigators in the aftermath of a single-vehicle crash that ended two lives.


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